Welcome to The Bully Inn

Bellerophon taming Pegasus

The Bully Inn is a friendly, family-run country pub situated in the village of Quarter, just south of Hamilton.

Quarter’s only pub was originally called The Bellerophon Inn. In Greek mythology Bellerophon was the son of the King of Corinth who tamed the winged horse Pegasus with the aid of a bridle given to him by the goddess Athena. It has been reported that a small picture of a winged horse was present on the back gate of the old inn, and the bowling club has a trophy called the Bellerophon Trophy.

One of Nelson’s ships at the Battle of Trafalgar was called the Bellerophon, and another ship of that name built at Portsmouth was present at the Battle of Jutland. However, the Bellerophon title may also originate in the name of the first mine opened at Quarter, the Old Bellerophon.

Over time the pub’s title seems to have evolved into the shorter “Bully Inn”, much less of a mouthful than Bellerophon!

We serve a full range of fine wines, spirits and beers, and our food is expertly prepared. We use local suppliers for all our fresh food, with butcher meat from Buchanan & Son of Burnbank, vegetables from McGuire’s of Strathaven and fish from J Vallance of Glasgow Fish Market.

We pride ourselves in being the heart of the community, hosting many theme nights and special events in addition to our regular calendar of Sunday open mike session and Tuesday Folk Club. Keep your eye on our website and social media updates for news of forthcoming dates for your diary!



One Response to Welcome to The Bully Inn

  1. corinne odonnell says:

    went for a night on 12th april had a great night. Melissa is such a helpful, friendly young person. all should go for a night out or for lunch or even other special events such as christenings.

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